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12 April 2019

We are delighted to announce the launch of Louisa Ghevaert Associates, to meet the growing need for specialist fertility and family law services for modern families in the UK. Louisa Ghevaert Associates is founded by solicitor Louisa Ghevaert, the preeminent expert in fertility and family law.

People are increasingly delaying having children to advance their careers, get on the housing ladder and consolidate their financial position. People are also taking longer to find a partner and commit to cohabitation, marriage and family life. In addition, the introduction of equality legislation over the last decade and changes in attitudes to family building has brought about diverse modern family forms. There are now over 68,000 cycles of IVF treatment annually in the UK and increasing numbers of families formed through fertility treatment, egg and sperm donation, co-parenting and surrogacy.

Assisted conception and the creation of modern families raises complex legal and practical issues that require specialist understanding and effective navigation from the outset. These legal issues can become further complicated when expectations and arrangements do not go to plan, causing relationships to breakdown and complex disputes.

Louisa Ghevaert has practised law for over twenty years and pioneered fertility and family law for modern families in the UK since 2008. For more than a decade, Louisa has engaged at a national law and policy level and her trailblazing work has brought about numerous changes and improvements to law for fertility patients, parents, children and families. Her specialist legal expertise spans the fertility, medical and family law sectors, delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Here at Louisa Ghevaert Associates, we provide a range of specialist legal services encompassing fertility preservation and maximisation, fertility treatment, donor conception, surrogacy, co-parenting, known donation, adoption, posthumous conception, complex children and family law (including legal status, care and upbringing and financial provision) and children and family disputes. Browse our specialist website to find out more about our work, our specialist legal services and our thought leadership and media commentary in this complex, multi-faceted and fast-moving field.

Do you need an expert fertility lawyer or family lawyer? If you would like to discuss your situation or you would like specialist legal parentage, fertility and family law advice contact Louisa Ghevaert by email  or by telephone +44 (0)20 7965 8399.

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