Emily Hartridge: Life you literally can’t plan for it

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Emily Hartridge, TV presenter, personal trainer, Instagrammer and well-known Youtuber was the first person to be fatally injured in Britain when her electric scooter collided with a lorry near her home in South London last Friday. She had fought to preserve her fertility for the last three years, undergoing egg-freezing treatment last November and earlier this year. Just two days before her accident she had announced on Instagram that she was part way through fertility treatment to freeze embryos and start a family with her partner.

Emily’s fertility battle is part of a growing fertility problem in the UK. She represents a generation of women who for a variety of reasons have yet to start a family into their 30’s and 40’s and seek to preserve their fertility despite the confines of their biological clock.

Emily’s untimely death part way through fertility treatment is heart-breaking for her family, friends and loved ones. She leaves behind frozen eggs and an unfulfilled biological legacy that will require careful consideration by her family and partner Jake.

Emily’s story shows how quickly and unexpectedly life and family building plans can change and be lost. This makes it all the more important for urgent law reform to tackle the UK’s growing fertility problem.

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