Why we need fertility and wider law reform part II

Root and branch law reform is required to address powerful inter-connected digital, artificial intelligence, genomic, epigenetic and reproductive revolutions that will increasingly impact and change our lives and those of future generations. This complex, inter-linked and rapidly evolving matrix will increasingly mean we can no longer adopt traditional independent approaches, particularly across the fertility sector. Instead, centralised national law, policy and regulation, international consensus and new international legal frameworks will increasingly be required.
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A Realistic Look at Assisted Reproduction

Progress Educational Trust’s one-day conference entitled “Reality Check: A Realistic Look At Assisted Reproduction” took place in London on 4 December 2019. Louisa Ghevaert was delighted to attend the event and join the debate addressing key issues affecting fertility treatment in the UK and globally.
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Why we need fertility law reform: the paradigm shift

Over the next ten to twenty years and beyond, the world will evolve rapidly to take account of powerful digital, artificial intelligence, genomic science, epigenetic and human reproductive revolutions. We will need to adopt an enlightened and multi-disciplinary approach as genetic medicine and science increasingly cross-cuts fertility treatment delivery. This will require a paradigm shift in our thinking, leadership and approach to law, policy and regulation. We will increasingly need new national and international legal frameworks and safeguards.
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Perspectives on Fertility Forum 2019

LaingBuisson’s Fertility Forum in London on 1 November 2019 addressed a wide range of global issues, factors and trends which are influencing the rapidly evolving fertility sector. In addition to trends in delayed motherhood, it identified wider factors including technological advances, increased fertility awareness, greater social acceptance of modern family forms and changes in law and policy enabling greater access to assisted reproductive technology.
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