Gender Dysphoria, Puberty Blockers and Hormone Replacement Therapy: Treatment of A Young Person

Gender dsyphoria can raise challenging issues emotionally, medically and legally when individuals seek to transition from female to male, male to female or assume a non-binary identity. The recent gender dysphoria case involving a young person aged 16 1/2 seeking cross-hormone therapy treatment Re J (Transgender: Puberty Blocker and Hormone Replacement Therapy) [2024] EWHC 922 brings into sharp focus complex and evolving issues around capacity and consent to medical treatment and the extent to which the court should intervene and override consent by an over-16-year-old but under 18-year-old.
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Declaration of Parentage: Will This Rectify My Birth Certificate?

Cases involving enquiries about birth/biological parents and decisions to rectify a birth certificate often require a great deal of care and consideration. They can upend established family history and introduce unexpected  narratives about unplanned pregnancy,  love affairs, failed relationships, adoption, loss and death. They can uncover fertility fraud or even egg, sperm or embryo mix-ups at fertility clinics. They can also create complex issues with genetic relatives and legal family members, intermingled with complex emotional dynamics (shock, anger, shame, grief, fear, rejection, happiness and acceptance).
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Mary Warnock at 100: The Architect of Embryo Law

Louisa Ghevaert was delighted to attend Progress Educational Trust's event on 17 April 2024 "Mary Warnock at 100: The Architect of Embryo Law". This event looked at the continued influence of Baroness Mary Warnock DBE, one of our most significant twentieth century philosophers, in the field of fertility. Mary died age 94 in 2019. However, her work on bioethics and her legacy lives on having fundamentally shaped law, policy and practice for assisted reproductive technology in the UK and around the world.
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FemTech Lab Spring 2024 Connect

Louisa Ghevaert had the pleasure of attending FemTech Lab’s Spring ‘24 Connect event at 22 Bishopsgate venue in London on 14 March 2024. It brought together creative minds, leaders, experts and entrepreneurs from across the digital and female health and consumer spaces. Its mission is to foster vision, inspiration, change, solutions and impact across the women’s health and technology sectors. This resonates in many ways in terms of building a better and brighter future and movement to address the gender health data gap, build trust and provide solutions and not just diagnostics at all stages of women’s lives.
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