BBC World Service Interview: The economics of older mums

During a BBC World Service interview with Zoe Kleinman on 12 October 2021, Louisa Ghevaert was pleased to join the debate about why many women are delaying motherhood, how technology is helping, what the law says about all things fertility and the workplace and how things have changed over the last decade.
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Creating Happy Families

A recent large-scale Japanese study has found that couples in long-term relationships develop noticeable biological similarities. It reports that their bodies synchronize on a deep biological level, which bolsters health deep into old age for those in happy relationships, whilst exacerbating health problems for others. These findings bring into focus the importance of proactively managing our relationships, personal lives, family building and reproductive choices. Building a happy and stable relationship and family life influences not just us as individuals, but also our children and wider family and friends.
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Plans to extend legal storage limits for eggs, sperm and embryos

On 6 September 2021, the Department of Health and Social Care announced its proposal to extend legal storage limits for eggs, sperm and embryos in the UK for everyone, regardless of medical need, to 10-year renewable storage periods, with a maximum limit of 55 years. The proposed legislation will be introduced when parliamentary time allows.
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The International Family Law Practice Sixth Edition

Louisa Ghevaert is delighted to contribute a specialist chapter on surrogacy law to leading practitioner textbook The International Family Law Practice Sixth Edition 2021. This newly updated reference work provides comprehensive coverage of the international elements of English Family Law and relevant source material. Increasing globalisation and international movement of parents, children and families, combined with rapid changes and legal developments means that complex international legal and practical issues frequently arise in practice.
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