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Declaration of Parentage: resolving family ancestry, questions about parentage and birth certificates

Millions of people around the world are embracing direct-to-consumer DNA tests to explore personal ancestry and resolve issues about genetic identity, parentage and status. They can create complex issues about biological and legal parentage as increasing numbers of people seek to resolve their parentage under English law and rectify birth certificates. This is in turn bringing into focus the significance of applications for Declarations of Parentage in the English Family Court.
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The Mail On Sunday: Surrogacy and Later-Life Parenthood in the UK

Louisa Ghevaert  features in The Mail on Sunday (7 November 2021) about parents undertaking surrogacy later in life and trends in later-life parenthood. The article looks at the ages of those embarking on parenthood today and whether there are age limits for those building families through surrogacy.
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The Future of The Family Justice System: Remote Court Hearings

Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division, delivered a speech on 16 October 2021 addressing the future of the Family Justice System in England and Wales as we continue to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic. In doing so, he looked at the future mechanics of court hearings in the Family Division, well-being of all those who work in the Family Court and the Court of Protection and the future of digital reform.
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BBC World Service Interview: The economics of older mums

During a BBC World Service interview with Zoe Kleinman on 12 October 2021, Louisa Ghevaert was pleased to join the debate about why many women are delaying motherhood, how technology is helping, what the law says about all things fertility and the workplace and how things have changed over the last decade.
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