A Conversation with Eloise Edington Founder of The Ribbon Box

9 February 2023

This week Louisa Ghevaert caught up with Eloise Edington, Founder and CEO of The Ribbon Box (formerly Fertility Help Hub). If you’re planning to build your family through fertility treatment or looking to find out more about wellbeing, preconception, pregnancy, and inclusive parenting it’s worth reading on to learn more about the The Ribbon Box Community.

Fertility HelpLouisa Ghevaert

What made you launch The Ribbon Box?

Hi, I’m Eloise – mother to three children conceived via sperm donor conception – following my husband’s infertility diagnosis (due to Klinefelter Syndrome).

After a busy career at a creative agency, I decided to use my professional and personal experiences to help other people in the same challenging situation. Having realised that nothing like it exists, I combined a passion-point with my advertising background to found The Ribbon Box in 2019 (formerly Fertility Help Hub). Now reaching over 300,000 people all over the world, each in the midst of their own unique family-building scenario, I can easily say it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

What support does the The Ribbon Box Community offer those struggling with fertility issues?

The Ribbon Box is a forward-thinking community content platform, proud to be by peoples’ sides through wellbeing, preconception, pregnancy, and inclusive parenting.

Our readers relish being able to connect with world-class fertility experts, find resources, inspiring articles and community support, all in one beautiful, welcoming and non-overwhelming space. Our continued mission is to empower people with a much-needed community, holistic support and advice, demystifying their unique fertility journey.

What are some of Fertility Help Hub’s achievements and high points?

As for everyone, Covid was particularly difficult for the IVF community. Clinics were being temporarily closed and treatments halted all over the world, and people everywhere were forced to deal with the agony of putting their fertility journeys on hold.

So, in 2020 we launched a global ‘Fertility Clinics Vs Covid’. We teamed up with seven fertility clinics in the USA, Europe and the UK, as well as a global sperm bank, all of whom offered a free cycle of IVF and credit for donor sperm, all to help our community restart their journey. I am delighted to say that two babies have been born to readers within our LGBTQ+ community following our campaign initiative.

With everything from expert IVF advice to the latest health news, The Ribbon Box is a compassionate, inclusive space for all things fertility and wellbeing related. 

Join our community today – we’ll be here to support you, wherever you’re at.

In addition to what’s on offer at The Ribbon Box, if you would like specialist fertility and family law advice to understand and make informed decisions about the legal issues and implications of fertility treatment, family building and inclusive parenting in your case contact Louisa Ghevaert by email or telephone +44 (0)20 7965 8399.

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