Apple Podcast: Fertility law for modern families with Louisa Ghevaert

26 February 2020

Expert fertility and family lawyer Louisa Ghevaert is delighted to collaborate with well-known and experienced osteopath, doula and zero-balancer Avni Trivedi, founder of  Avni Touch, to produce a podcast for Speak From The Body entitled “Fertility law for modern families”. You can find the podcast here.

Avni’s specialist practice promotes the importance of pre-conception care to create a good foundation of health and recognises that development in utero helps shape health in later life. She offers a range of services that bring together East and West, bridging the relationship between body and mind. She regularly collaborates with practitioners across a variety of fields including obstetrics, paediatrics, complementary therapy, therapy and coaching, yoga and dance.

In her latest podcast, Avni explores with Louisa the role of an expert fertility lawyer in a fertility team and journey and the rapidly evolving landscape of the fertility sector in the UK and internationally. The podcast covers a range of topics and issues including: the link between technological advances and increasing legal complexity of fertility treatment and family building, genetic testing and significance and management of genomic information, law and policy surrounding gender selection, current and future trends in the fertility sector, the increasing role of genomic science and medicine and the value of expert fertility and family law advice.

In making this podcast, Louisa hopes that it will help raise awareness and inform thinking and debate about wide ranging and rapidly evolving issues across the fertility sector, the importance of integrated fertility and family law advice in treatment and fertility and wider law reform.

Need an expert fertility lawyer or family lawyer? If you would like to discuss your situation or you require specialist fertility and family law advice and assistance please contact Louisa by email  or by telephone +44 (0)20 7965 8399.

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