Declaration of Parentage

A declaration of parentage declares whether a named individual is the legal parent of another person under English law. It can be used in a range of situations, including:

  • Problems with completion of patient HFEA consent forms at UK fertility clinics (e.g. missing or errors), calling into question the legal parentage of a non birth parent for their child.
  • Dispute about a child’s legal father or second legal parent (this can raise complex legal and evidential issues about conception arrangements, personal relationships, status and consent in modern family cases).
  • Dispute about a child’s birth certificate (e.g. whether a child’s birth certificate should be re-registered to add or remove a person’s details).

Applications for a declaration of parentage can involve complex legal issues concerning fertility and family law in the UK. They can also encompass a range of associated legal issues relating to parental responsibility, financial responsibility, contact, care and upbringing of a child.  These applications can therefore have significant and wide-ranging legal, practical, financial and emotional implications for parents, children and families.

The English Family Court will carefully consider all relevant circumstances and will only make a declaration of parentage (or other family order) if it is in the best interests of the child. An application for a declaration of parentage is made under section 55A of the Family Act 1986.

If you require legal advice, assistance or representation in relation to a declaration of parentage order contact us by telephone or email.

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Package One

Declaration of parentage following UK fertility treatment where HFEA consent forms were not completed, lost, contained errors – legal review

This provides initial expert legal advice to support people who need to rectify and secure legal parentage for a non-birth parent after fertility treatment at a UK clinic.

Bespoke Legal Services

We also provide further and ongoing tailored legal advice, assistance and representation in the English Family Court for a declaration of parentage or other family proceedings, including:

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