VIP Service

Louisa Ghevaert Associates provides additional specialist bespoke fertility and family law services for VIP and high net worth individuals and those requiring greater levels of assistance. Our bespoke service delivers ‘end-to-end’ expert legal and practical support to effectively plan pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and  family life.

These additional features and benefits provide extra peace of mind and support including:

  • Heightened confidentiality measures in dealings with clients, experts, the Court and third parties (e.g. confidentiality agreements, restricted case access, additional arrangements at court).
  • Provision of out-of-hours legal services (e.g. evenings, weekends, bank holidays) by leading fertility and family law expert Louisa Ghevaert.
  • Discrete in-person meetings (e.g. at a nominated time and venue).
  • Flexible appointment times for video conferences and scheduled calls.
  • Heightened due diligence, horizon scanning and pitfall management throughout the case.
  • Individually personalised approach to meet the additional expectations, needs and wishes of VIP and high net worth clients and those requiring greater levels of assistance (e.g. additional case time, access to LGA’s international multi-disciplinary network of experts).
  • In-depth strategic personalised legal and practical assessments to remove obstacles and execute a a viable family plan to secure and protect legal status and parental rights.
  • Experienced and strategic multi-disciplinary working (e.g. with foreign lawyers, immigration experts, accountants, leading counsel and nominated specialist advisors).
  • Proactive and experienced effective navigation of legal and practical issues associated with multi-jurisdictional cases and complex international aspects.
  • Expedited legal support and document preparation as required.
  • Strategic ‘front-loaded’ case preparation for effective case management and peace of mind,
  • Robust legal and practical solutions if unexpected issues arise or personal circumstances change.

Louisa Ghevaert’s preeminent specialist fertility and family law expertise attracts many VIP and high net worth individuals and those requiring greater levels of support nationally and internationally. Her specialist legal practice operates at the forefront of law and policy and delivers sophisticated, bespoke, cutting-edge services and solutions in a complex and rapidly evolving international legal landscape.


If you require legal assistance or wish to discuss family building or legal protection as part of our VIP service please contact Louisa Ghevaert

 +44 (0) 20 7965 8399

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