Dispute with a co-parent

A dispute with a co-parent can raise complex legal issues under fertility and family law in the UK.  Co-parenting disputes can be particularly challenging in cases where:

  • The parties did not enter into a written co-parenting agreement.
  • The parties artificially conceived a child by private arrangement.
  • There are international aspects.
  • There are complex personal dynamics (e.g. longstanding friendship, medical issues, social, religious and cultural issues, financial differences).

Co-parenting disputes can encompass a wide range of issues including:

  • Legal status and identity of a co-parent.
  • Amount of time a child spends or resides with a co-parent.
  • Exercise of parental responsibility by a co-parent.
  • Financial provision for a child by a co-parent.
  • Nature and content of a co-parenting agreement.

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