Blended Family Dispute

A blended family dispute concerning a child can involve a range of legal issues, including:

  • Legal status and identity of a step-parent for a child.
  • Acquisition and exercise of parental responsibility by a step-parent for a child.
  • Dispute about a child’s name and identity.
  • Issues about an ex-partner’s time, care and upbringing of your child.

A blended family dispute can also encompass a wide range of further matters including: parental anxiety by a step-parent (particularly if they are an inexperienced parent or are undertaking significant day-to-day parenting responsibilities), hostility from an ex-partner towards a new partner, reluctance from children to adjust or bond with a new partner and their children from a previous relationship.

We have preeminent expertise in fertility and family law for modern and blended families. We deliver cutting-edge legal advice and solutions to place family life on a secure legal basis in the short, medium and longer term.

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