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Specialist fertility and family law advice can help manage a range of legal and wider issues associated with a change in gender or non-binary status, including:

  • Tailored advice about family building options and law as a trans or non-binary individual.
  • Tailored advice about fertility preservation options and law as a trans or non-binary individual.
  • Giving informed legal (as opposed to medical) consent to fertility treatment at a UK fertility clinic as a trans or non-binary individual (including storage and use of gametes and embryos).
  • Obtaining spousal consent to a change in legal gender and obtaining a new marriage certificate upon issue of a Gender Recognition Certificate.
  • Divorce proceedings (if a spouse disagrees with a change in gender).
  • Dissolution of a civil partnership (since UK law only recognises same-sex civil partnerships).
  • Care and upbringing of a child.
  • Resolution of a children of family law dispute.

We can provide expert bespoke legal solutions and a range of flexible legal services to suit your needs and wishes. We can work with you from pre-conception, during pregnancy and throughout parenthood to create and safeguard your much wanted family.

Click here to read more about fertility preservation and treatment law for trans and non-binary individuals.

If you require legal assistance or wish to discuss conceding and parenting a child as a trans or non-binary person please contact us

 +44 (0) 20 7965 8399

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