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There are a number of ways to conceive and parent a child as a lesbian couple including: known donation (by private arrangement or at a fertility clinic), fertility treatment with a sperm bank donor, egg-swapping fertility treatment, co-parenting, adoption and fostering.

Family building choices can depend upon a range of factors, including: age, health, fertility levels, financial position and identity issues.

There are many legal issues to consider when building and legally securing a modern family as a lesbian couple in the UK, including:

  • Family building options and law.
  • Fertility preservation and maximisation options and law.
  • Fertility treatment law.
  • Co-parenting law (if you plan to co-parent a child with another person or couple).
  • Surrogacy law (if you plan to conceive a child through surrogacy).
  • Donation law (if you plan to conceive through known donation).
  • Adoption and fostering law (if you plan to adopt or foster a child).
  • Guardianship for a child (should you pass away or become incapacitated).
  • Financial provision for a child.
  • Legal parentage (including birth certificate arrangements).
  • Care and upbringing of a child (including exercise of parental responsibility and dispute management with a co-parent, surrogate, former partner, known donor or other individual).

We can provide expert bespoke legal solutions and a range of flexible legal services to suit your needs and wishes. We can work with you from pre-conception, during pregnancy and throughout parenthood to create your much wanted family and place family life on a firm legal basis.

If you require legal assistance or wish to discuss family building or legal protection for your much-wanted family as a lesbian couple please contact us

 +44 (0) 20 7965 8399

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