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There are numerous reasons why someone chooses to become a known donor, including:

  • To provide a family genetic link (e.g. inter-family donation by a close relative).
  • As an altruistic act to help another have a much wanted child (e.g. friend or colleague).
  • To achieve a biological legacy.
  • To enable the child to know about his/her biological origins and identity.

Known donation raises many legal, practical and wider issues that require understanding and careful management from the outset. The legal issues, implications and outcomes under fertility and family law in the UK depend upon a range of factors including conception arrangements (private conception or at a fertility clinic), marital status and the nature of the known donor’s relationship with the parent/s and child.

It is advisable to enter into a known donor agreement before conception as a means of establishing, documenting and managing the legal, emotional and practical issues and mitigating the risks associated with a known donor arrangement.

We can provide expert bespoke legal solutions and a range of flexible legal services to suit your needs and wishes.

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