Louisa Ghevaert Associates was founded by solicitor Louisa Ghevaert, the preeminent expert in fertility and family law in the UK.

Louisa Ghevaert has pioneered fertility and family law for modern families in Britain since 2008. Click here for more information.

Louisa has dealt with many milestone and well known cases which transcend the fertility, family and medical sectors. Click here for more information.

For more than a decade, Louisa has engaged at a national and international law and policy level. She has achieved numerous legal firsts and helped change and improve the law in Britain for fertility patients, parents, children and families. Click here for more information.

Louisa Ghevaert’s trailblazing legal work lead to her inclusion in The Lawyer Hot 100 List 2018 (litigators section), marking her out as one of Britain’s top 100 lawyers. In doing so, The Lawyer Hot 100 List recognised Louisa as ‘an influential figure when it comes to ensuring fertility laws are fit for purpose in the 21st century’. Louisa’s ground-breaking legal practice has helped bring about law and policy changes to complex areas encompassing: embryo storage, national and international surrogacy, fertility treatment, modern and blended families and posthumous conception.

Louisa has practised mainstream family law since 1998 and fertility and family law for modern families since 2008. After two decades of helping people with complex legal issues, Louisa founded Louisa Ghevaert Associates to meet the ongoing need for specialist fertility and family law services in Britain.

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At Louisa Ghevaert Associates, we understand the importance of children and family and how they influence people’s lives, wishes and decision-making.

Changing social attitudes and the rapid uptake of on-demand services has lead to growing numbers of modern families encompassing: assisted reproduction, sperm and egg donation, co-parenting, known donation and surrogacy. We also understand that modern families have complex dynamics and different forms including: solo, same-sex, heterosexual, transgender and blended families.

However, fertility and modern family law continues to be out-paced by medical technology and people’s expectations and wishes. The law is complex and it can create unintended legal issues and problems. This can leave parents, children, surrogates, donors and families without legal security or peace of mind.

We know it is not always easy to understand the legal issues or identify the need for specialist fertility and family law advice. We also know that building and safeguarding a modern family can require people to deal with sensitive and deeply personal issues. We are supportive, caring and open-minded. Our specialist legal services help empower people to make informed decisions, place family creation and life on a firm legal basis and deliver peace of mind.

At Louisa Ghevaert Associates, we are committed to supporting the creation and protection of modern families. We provide forward-thinking and innovative legal advice and solutions. We have preeminent and in-depth knowledge and expertise in fertility and family law. We provide tailored legal services to meet individual needs and wishes, operating at the forefront of fertility and modern family law in the UK and internationally.

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