Read below what clients say about Louisa Ghevaert Associates' legal practice:

“We are extremely impressed with your credentials and your approach to the matter”.

Clients, legal parentage case

“[I] wanted to give you an update about my declaration of parentage application. I’ve been to court and the judge has granted it! I’m so happy. [I am] really grateful for all your help and just wanted to say thank you for everything.”

Client, Declaration of Parentage

“I am so glad to hear from you and always keep good memories and think I was so lucky to be consulted by [the] best solicitor ever! Your work was amazing…your proficiency is unbelievable.”

Single woman, legal parentage case

“You have been so helpful and we have loved working with you. We felt like we mattered. Thank you, thank you”.

Same-sex couple, donor conception and adoption

“If you are thinking of embarking on a fertility journey, I would really recommend you chat to Louisa beforehand! Louisa tells it as it is when it comes to the potential ups and downs of life, while providing sound legal advice, drawing from a wealth of knowledge. Talking to her will help you feel confident about your choices down the road, knowing you are prepared to face its particular pros and cons.” 

Solo woman, undergoing fertility treatment with partner or donor sperm

“In terms of your services, we thank you for your expertise, responsiveness, and calm approach. This has been truly valuable.”

Same-sex couple, UK Surrogacy Arrangement

“I can’t thank you enough for all your work and incredible efficiency.  Thank you for putting up with my emotional and at times highly irrational behaviour through the process. But, nevertheless, it all came good in the end and I’m at peace.”

Client, legal parentage case

“Thanks from me for all your guidance and professionalism to get us here. One of the strongest drivers for us was to ensure that the truth was legally recognised so there was no risk of doubt or ambiguity creeping in over the generations.”

Clients, legal parentage case

“I’m glad to have you in my corner! I look forward to being able to update you with good news!”

Solo mother undergoing donor conception fertility treatment

“I was advised to contact Louisa Ghevaert when I encountered complications trying to have fertility treatment as a single woman while separated but not divorced from my husband. Louisa was immediately understanding of my situation which was really reassuring. She responded quickly, providing a clear explanation of the legalities of using donor sperm in my situation, helped me consider my options and acted quickly to provide the documentation I needed to proceed. Louisa has a warm and compassionate approach, while giving clear advice and I would gladly recommend her to anyone needing fertility related legal advice.”

Solo mother (married but separated), fertility treatment with donor sperm

“I want to thank you for your kindness, patience and understanding in this matter and I very much look forward to continuing our work together”.

Single woman, legal parentage case

“I just want to thank you for your time, patience and upbeat approach, You are so delightful, charming and professional”.

Single woman, legal parentage case

“Louisa was incredibly professional and kind in her approach to legal advice.  She was efficient in her delivery of information and guidance, and open to my questions relating to my personal experience.  Her relatable approach was appreciated in a time of complex decision making regarding solo family planning. This service is worth investing in if you are serious about making informed decisions for you and your future possible child.  Thank you Louisa.”

Solo woman undertaking family building through assisted conception

“Thank you again for our excellent call and your time yesterday, your support is invaluable in our journey, We want to have you on our team going forward because of your open, honest and proactive professional approach”.

Heterosexual couple undertaking international surrogacy

“You are utterly amazing for the amount of work you have done. All this research [in respect of my case] is astounding. Thank you again for your incredible, invaluable help. I am very grateful.”

Heterosexual couple, fertility treatment dispute

“We are both so grateful for the help you gave us. You truly are amazing at what you do”.

Same-sex couple undertaking egg donation and international surrogacy

“We both would just like to say thank you for taking our case on and that we really appreciate the support, clarity and communication that you have provided since our first meeting, you have really made us feel at ease throughout the process and we very much appreciate the personal and kind approach you have shown us.”

Same-sex couple, known donation case

‘We chose Louisa because she is the preeminent expert and leader in the field. Upon speaking with her, it was immediately clear that she has studied and been involved with every nuanced development in this area. She patiently walked us through every detail, and she personally tailored her advice to help us plan for the legal issues we would face as a same-sex, international couple planning for children delivered through egg donation and surrogacy.  Not only was she an expert, she was kind. We are extremely impressed with her and would recommend her to anyone needing to be reassured and guided through the process.”

Same-sex couple, fertility treatment and surrogacy case

‘The empathy and understanding that you showed throughout the process meant so much to us and it is clear this comes from a place of expertise, experience and desire to truly help people in such sensitive situations as we found ourselves in. We want to thank you so much for your diligence and focus in ensuring that cost orders were achieved. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are marvellous and we wish you continued success in your endeavours to support people in such important matters of fertility and parenting.”

Same-sex couple, fertility treatment case

“I [wanted to express my] appreciation and with a wealth of gratitude for all the great work you did for me. I was very impressed not only with your excellent work but with your kindness towards an issue that to me was acutely sensitive.  I am in complete admiration at the magnitude of your vocabulary.  Your precisely chosen words to express a thought helped me navigate and understand not only family law but the situation that I was facing without alarming me.  I truly feel that your professionalism and intelligence is only overshadowed by your delightful persona.. Again, thank you for all of your assistance.”

Singe man, parenting dispute

“I am very grateful and satisfied with the quality of work you have done. Everything was done in a timely and professional way.  I am very grateful for that.”

Single man, parenting dispute

“You were spot on in that [your advice] triggered a fair amount of soul searching and constructive discussions…Thank you again for your help.”

Single man, co-parenting arrangement

 “I can’t thank you enough for your understanding and help with this situation…the way you present and handle this case is warmly comforting to me.”

Single man, children dispute

“The level of service has been first class and efficient in every way… Louisa has an in-depth knowledge of her practice area and is always prompt and encouraging in everything she does.”

Married couple, donor conception and surrogacy

“I was very satisfied with my level of service from Louisa, she was skillful and empathetic throughout. Louisa was very understanding of my needs and is definitely a subject expert.”

Single man, donor conception

“I was very satisfied with the excellent service provided. I believe you’re the very best in this field!”

Single woman, co-parenting arrangement

“Louisa Ghevaert was exceptional in terms of providing cutting-edge and the most up to date legal advice. She was proactive in helping us to plan ahead and to consider options and hurdles that she envisaged we might encounter. This helped us enormously in terms of deciding and finalizing our strategy and in ensuring that our case was dealt with quickly, smoothly and as efficiently as possible by the court.  We felt reassured at every angle that Louisa was totally committed to our case and that with her support, our joint determination and hard work would achieve a good result. From the very start of the contract to the end, Louisa was an extremely professional lawyer and was also very kind, caring and understanding of our personal circumstances and the emotional trauma that we were experiencing.  This was much appreciated and helped us to deal with the stress of the case. We have a great deal of respect for Louisa Ghevaert as a lawyer and we hold her in very high esteem.”

Married couple, international surrogacy

“We received an excellent service from Louisa Ghevaert. Louisa provided us with a highly efficient and accessible legal service.  We were able to contact Louisa virtually 24/7 by email, telephone and letter, her response time had a very quick turnaround, we were never kept waiting for a reply to a query nor once did we have to chase up a reply.  Her detailed legal knowledge, specialist expertise and broad range of skills on surrogacy, fertility, family law and immigration matters were paramount in helping us to achieve a positive end result.  The legal process we had to endure was technically daunting but Louisa spent a lot of time to explain it to us in very clear and easy to understand way.  She also helped to navigate and steer us through a very difficult, complex and sensitive court case.”

Married heterosexual couple, international surrogacy

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