Service Providers and Suppliers Privacy Notice

This privacy notice is issued by Louisa Ghevaert Associates Ltd and sets out:

  • What data we collect from you.
  • How we use it.
  • Why we need it.
  • Who we share it with.
  • How long we keep it for.

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. You should read this Privacy Notice together with our Privacy Policy.

All personal identifiable information about you that either you provide to us, or is given to us from a third party will only be used in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

We may change our Privacy Policy and our Privacy Notices from time to time by updating our website. You should check our website regularly to ensure that you are happy with any changes we make.

This Privacy Notice is effective from 1 April 2019.

Who does this notice apply to?

This notice applies to any sole trader, partner, director or employee of a company who offers goods or services that are of interest to us as a business, or who offers goods or services to our clients in relation to the work we are doing for them.

What data do we collect?

Primarily we may collect personal details from publicly available sources, websites, marketing material you or your business have produced, telephone directories or via search engines.

We may be given your contact details by third parties in the form of a recommendation or referral.

We may obtain personal information from any communications between us concerning the goods or services you offer.

In the course of doing business we may acquire quotes, invoices and payment details from you.

What do we do with the information and why do we need it?

We use the information we hold about you in order to contact you regarding your goods or services. We may ask for quotes, place orders, enter into contracts or arrangements with you, or make general business enquiries.

We may review the information we hold about you, including feedback we receive from our staff and clients, before entering into any arrangement with you to ensure we get the best result and value for ourselves and our clients.

Financial details are only used to make payments to you.

Who has access to the data?

Your contact details and correspondence are available to our staff.

If you provide goods or services as part of work we are doing for our clients, we will share your data with our client and other third parties involved in the matter as necessary.

Your financial details are available to our director(s) and senior employee(s) and are stored on our systems. These will be shared with our service providers and our bank in order to make payments to you.

How long do we keep your data for?

We will keep your contact details indefinitely or until we find them to be out of date or no longer of use.

If you request us to do so, we will destroy your information, providing we do not need it for one of the reasons below.

If we do business, details of that transaction, including quotes, invoices, and communications will be held for up to 6 years.

If you provide goods or services as part of work we are doing for our clients, your details may be stored as part of that case for 6 years after the matter is finished, or, if the client is a child, until that child reaches the age of 24.

Further information

If you would like any further information, please contact us at